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Name: Scott Hanley
Phone Number: (503) 452-9636
Email Address:

Title: Author

Book Name: The Dad Connection


Parenting, relationships, social dynamics, fathers, sons, fatherhood, parenthood, fathering, parent child relationships, grandparents, closeness, writing, publishing, working parents, single parents, support, and control.

In the mid-1980s, I was a single father committed to raising my energetic young boys while managing my exploding career as a building contractor and a spiritual practitioner, using meditation to stay grounded. To help me process the often-overwhelming crash-course I was on as a parent, I began recording thoughts about my kids on a simple little voice recorder I kept in my truck. Those reflections — many of which were taped while stuck in Boston traffic between job sites — ultimately evolved into my tale of fatherhood.

I believe that most relationships can deepen and grow more meaningful when approached with a specific intent to build something great. This can happen between a child and his or her parent, a wife and husband, a brother and sister, or simply two friends. Every interaction is an opportunity.

Title of Session:
Building stronger relationships with your kids

Description of Session:
This session will help parents learn ways they can improve the relationship they have with their children from a philosophical and emotional perspective.

Top five things the audience will learn:

  1. How to expand your tolerance
  2. Ways to manage a demanding child
  3. The relevance of personal behavior
  4. Core strategies to creating direct communication
  5. Basic steps to begin building a quality and meaningful relationship

Opening Interview Question:
You refer to “building a relationship” in your book, can you elaborate on what you mean by this?

Middle of Interview Question:
What were some of your enlightening moments as a parent and how were they precipitated?

Final Wrap Up Interview Question:
What is the current relationship between you and your boys?

Product For Sale:

Book, “The Dad Connection” By Scott Hanley.

Equipment Needed:
Lapel microphone


“This book is a must-read for parents seeking a better relationship with their kids. ” – Sherry Ellis

“What I loved about this book was how genuine and honest the author was about his experiences with his sons. ” – Marci Giovannoni

“Rather amazing that this book has been on the market for over a year now and has not grown higher on the sales list. For those fortunate enough to have come across a copy this is a no nonsense, straightforward, easy to understand little treasure of a book about how to connect to your children in a meaningful and lasting manner. ”- Grady Harp

“He takes his own experiences with his two boys and makes the experience tangible and real and allows others to learn form his successes and from his failures.” – Dad of Divas


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