The Dad Connection Amazon Review: Build a bridge. It will last forever

“Rather amazing that this book has been on the market for over a year now and has not grown higher on the sales list. For those fortunate enough to have come across a copy this is a no nonsense, straightforward, easy to understand little treasure of a book about how to connect to your children in a meaningful and lasting manner.”

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The Dad Connection Amazon Review: An Encouraging and Challenging Book for Dads

“I especially appreciate any parenting book that targets dads and is uplifting and encouraging. Scott Hanley seeks to build up dads by teaching them how to build relationship bridges to their children. The bridge Hanley suggests for dads to build consists of eight main supporting elements: love, respect, perspective, service, energy, support, patience and trust. These flow from an intentional commitment to developing a growing and lasting relationship between parent and child…Any serious reading of this book will be worthwhile for parents, and the more serious readers take the commitment to bridge building the more helpful this book will be.”

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Documenting Fatherhood: An Article for the Portland Book Review’s Writers on Writing

“As I edited and rewrote (seemingly endlessly) I continued to change words and sentences while struggling not to lose my voice. This was a considerable challenge for me as I am not a natural writer. I had to dig down into the feelings at my core to re-connect with some of the initial emotions that I had I felt when the experience was occurring several years before, considering that my boys are now in their late 20s. This was a lot more challenging than I had expected. However, I felt this was the only way I could retain my original voice and still be able to tie it into my present-day understandings, which had the advantage of several years’ perspective. Once I felt I was able to achieve this I believed it could become the book I wanted it to be.”

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 Dad of Divas’ Dads in the Limelight: Scott Hanley

Dads in the LImelight“I remember with absolute clarity the moment I decided to commit to being a father as a primary obligation. That commitment created a ‘mindset’ that supported me many, many times as trials and tribulations mounted. Each challenging event was navigated in part by my unwavering commitment to do it well….all seeded by that one moment when my first boy was pone years old! It is still in play today.”

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A Guest Post for Susan Heim on Parenting

Susan Heim article“I didn’t start out with the intent to write a book. My original idea was to create a simple chronicle of my experiences as a single dad; a collection of reflections on my challenges, understandings and feelings. I thought it would be something perhaps my boys might find amusing, or at best something they could find of value when they embarked on their own journeys of raising their children.”

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The Dad Connection Review: Literary R&R

Literary R&R Review

“I enjoyed reading the stories of Mr. Hanley’s interactions with his sons, and the deep care that is evident in his writing. The letters included from his sons speak volumes into the connection they feel.

Although this book was aimed toward parenting, the basis here would work in any and all relationships we involve ourselves in. The Dad Connection is a sincere manual of how one man learned to treasure and reach out to the ones he loved most. The lessons included in this book would go a long way in healing what is wrong with our society. Were we all to focus on loving and respecting those we interact with every day, what a wonderful world it could be.”

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 The Dad Connection Review: Dad of Divas

Dad of Divas Review “Too often when you become a father you do not know what you are doing! Let’s be honest, no parent has a ready made guide to raising kids handed to them when they become parents. With that being said, you have to learn how to be a good father. Many times in my own experience, this comes with trial and error but it does take work and sometimes you will fail.

What I loved about this book was the honesty the the author shares with his readers. He takes his own experiences with his two boys and makes the experience tangible and real and allows others to learn form his successes and from his failures. The book looks at how as a father you can work on making lasting connections with your children which should be the hope of every father (In my humble opinion).”

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