The Dad Connection: Book Review

20 Mar

book cover-01

Below I’ve included another book review of the Dad Connection that solidifies why I wrote a book in the first place. As always, I am very appreciative of the feedback and thought I would share this reader’s experience with you:

“At first, I thought this book might be too “touchy-feely,” for my taste, but I was pleasantly surprised. For one thing, Mr. Hanley starts with the proper objective for parenting: Helping to foster independent and self-actualized children. He understands that it isn’t a matter of controlling your children and monitoring their every move. It’s about respecting them enough to give them guidance and letting them take responsibility for their actions and their outcomes, while protecting them from dire consequences.

The author has done a great job of setting forth an understandable system for raising children, and I especially appreciated the fact that his own boys contributed insights into the process from their perspective as both children and adults. This isn’t a book of rules for parenting. It is an explanation of fundamental concepts that can be applied to your personal situation. The world would be a better place if more fathers took the time to be a Dad.”

– D. Buxman, Attorney and Amazon Top 1000 Reviewer.


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