Being The Best Dad You Can Be Isn’t Enough

30 Jan

Being the ‘best dad you can be’ is not enough, it simply isn’t. You hear new parents say this all the time before their child’s birth and it is becoming the new modern dads mantra. Instead of striving for mediocrity, strive for greatness.

Being a great dad is not rocket science. First, there are hundreds if not thousands of books and well informed articles that tell us how to do it. We’d have to be illiterate not to be able to get it. Second, being a parent is one of our primary survival instincts. Breeding to propagate our species is the core driving force in our gene code, every gene is oriented to satisfying that single objective. It is true for all species. We focus on surviving just so we can mate and push our species to the next generation. Our genes adapt in order to survive and reproduce. Think about it, without reproduction no species would continue to exist, it’s unarguable science.

So the responsibility of first creating offspring and then caring for it is paramount to a successful species development and expansion. The human species has embraced that strategy with relentless force, like no other species to date. Other species, even bacteria and viruses, survive through massive reproduction efforts, but no species embraces ‘caring’ like the humans. It is one of the primary distinguishing aspects of being human. Elephants, wolves and chimps have varying levels of care for their offspring, but no other species can hold a candle to us humans.


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