The Parenting Generational Gap – Part 2

16 Jan

This is part two of the Parenting Generational Gap, in part one I explain how we need to change our mindset from that of child self teaching to that of proper parenting.

This will undoubtedly require a shift in perspective by the parent. He or she will have to accept the fact that they have the where-with-all to get informed and it is their parental responsibility to do it. I’ve been hanging out with some grandparents lately and when we begin discussing their grandchildren this same type of closed and opinionated mindset is expressed. I understand that a significant number of older parents are not as well informed and certainly many of them did not have the unique advantage contemporary parents have with regard to information.

Today you can literally be in a conversation with your child and if you are unsure how to advise him/her then you can google it. Rarely is an intelligent and relevant answer not there. Amazing, simply amazing. Therefore it is no longer excusable to tell our children “You’ll have to figure it out.” or “Nobody told me when I was your age.” It is our responsibility to provide our kids with relevant information, now what they do with it is a different discussion entirely.


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