The Parenting Generational Gap – Part 1

9 Jan

“Nobody told me how to get friends when I was your age, I just did it”.

“My teacher didn’t tell me how to study for a test, I learned from my mistakes”.

“My parents didn’t tell me how to have a good marriage, I learned it the hard way”.

This is such an closed minded reaction by a parent to their kids. In the past I have heard this many times when talking to parents about their children and what they think their kids deserve. Some older parents actually believe that not knowing because they weren’t taught is okay. This philosophy and the branding of their own parenting style around it is lazy at best and borders on irresponsible at the worst.

We have the wonderful opportunity today to know much more than our parents and our offspring will know much more than us. This is the cycle that should advance, not the tired and overused “I didn’t have it and I turned out okay, so you will be fine too” mentality.  It takes a wish to learn more, to understand better and to provide a different intelligence as the parent. This is a different paradigm than that of many of our previous generations and it should be embraced.

Read more on this topic next Wednesday, January 16th.


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