Where’s The Time?

12 Dec


Below is an excerpt from the Treading Water section of The Dad Connection.

Managing and scheduling time in our child’s life is often almost impossible to succeed with everybody being happy. At the least it’s challenging and frequently frustrating. We would typically say that a lot of patience is required. However, I like to think of it not as patience but rather ‘absorbing’ time.

Most teenagers are forced into the basic activities in their life like school, sports, birthdays, etc. Scheduling is not exactly a choice for them, but they have to do it even though most are not inclined nor capable at this time in their lives. They have very little experience or much of a sense of time. Time is amorphous and constantly shifting. For all practical purposes is almost non existent in their minds.

As parents we are constantly hit with last minute things to do for them, places to take them and protecting commitments they may have forgotten. Scheduling and rescheduling these can be as difficult for the parent as it is for the child. The child is rolling along trying to absorb everything that is happening to him/her during their last 6-7 hours in class. Since much of their activity occurs at their school when we are not around and they are being distracted every 10 minutes, it is not only possible that they have forgotten something they were supposed to do or place to be at but likely. (If the cell phone has redeeming qualities in today’s world helping teenagers create timely schedules certainly has to be one of them.)

Most parents can get used to this chaos but we don’t all accept it easily without considerable resistance, frustration, and tension. We are often left trying to compensate for some unknown and/or surprise commitment and then rushing or having to change our own plans in attempts to keep their schedule. These quick hair pin turns in a schedule can create lots of tension and irritation depending on how frequently they occur. It has happened to practically every parent. String a couple of them together and something will generally explode.

Stay tuned for more next Wednesday on Teenage Commitments.


One Response to “Where’s The Time?”

  1. robin mesch December 14, 2012 at 4:55 pm #

    nice scott! I love this idea of absorbing time —

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