Giving The Gift of Attention

17 Oct

This blog post is a continuation of the blog post Being Attentive In Adult Relationships in which I discussed the often distracted attention level in adult relationships. I left off discussing the increased energy and focus in adult relationships.

Personally, I don’t believe attention requires too much energy and focus, I think most of us have more capacity than we express. What draws this energy out is another issue altogether. I think friendships, direct relationships, and critical adult connections deserve and warrant our undistracted attention in more regular and ordinary interactions. If this deeper and more nourishing energy doesn’t get pulled out of us for some important reason or another, then we need to give it and we need to give if just for the sake of giving, much like we do with our children. What’s to lose?

I also believe that the more we exercise this effort of ‘giving’ our attention in the form of energy and focus, the more we build capacity, like building a muscle in our body. We certainly build our ‘child attention’ muscle by using it. Most parents find being a parent easier and their energy more accessible with their second and third children. Why? Because their capacity grew with use and exercise.


One Response to “Giving The Gift of Attention”

  1. robin mesch November 1, 2012 at 4:51 pm #

    Hi Scott, loved this blog — particularly thought the pictures were great!

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