Adult Attention Struggle

3 Oct

This blog post is a continuation of the blog post How Much Attention Is Too Much? in which I review the priority level of a child with a new couple. I left off discussing a story of a couple I was observing in the Pearl District in Portland, Oregon.

The couple wrapped up their conversation and the friends with the dog left.  The young mom uttered a half hearted goodbye while she was wrapping up her baby, again without looking up, I shrugged and dismissed most of my ‘judging’ thoughts. I thought too much attention is probably better than too little.

But when they left and I found myself still thinking about this situation. It dawned on me that they didn’t even really look at each other the entire time. They talked to each other without taking their eyes off their baby. I wondered what their short adult relationship may have been like before the baby. Then of course my mind wandered further down that made up mental path and I pondered what it would be like if we all treated our important adult relationships like these two treated their new child. What if we were unconditionally and undistractedly attentive to our partner, brother, sister, mother, father and best friend?

Would it be too much? I think so. But perhaps some of this ‘over’ attention might just be a better thing than what seems to be more of the norm today.


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