How Much Attention Is Too Much?

26 Sep

The other day I was sitting at breakfast in a busy outdoor cafe in the pedestrian heavy Pearl District located in Portland, Oregon. This particular restaurant was pet and child friendly and there were many of both scattered about. A particularly young couple and their new baby of about 6 months was sitting across the sidewalk area from us. I began to notice that each of them individually was completely focused on the baby. I generally like this behavior and I particularly like when parents are attentive to the many little things with regard to their children.

As I was watching, another young couple came over with their dog to say hello. The parents looked up momentarily to return the “hello” but in the same breath regained eye contact with their baby while continuing to talk to their friends. I realize having a new baby, especially when young, is a consummate experience and significant focus and attention will be directed towards the new baby, at least in the beginning.  But this might have been a bit much, way too soon to judge. I am the first one to compliment parents for whom their children are designated an unconditional priority, however it did feel a little over the top.

In any case my mind thought of all the benefits this child would reap by having such adorning and attentive parents should they maintain this level of focus. Then I also thought what if the parents hovered with too much attention? I’m not certain what outcome would most likely occur down the road, nobody really does. The only thing I know for sure is that our kids should be our priority.


One Response to “How Much Attention Is Too Much?”

  1. Dawn Lantero September 27, 2012 at 9:55 am #

    I find this observation refreshing as most parents that I see are focusing on their smart phones and as soon as the baby grows are handing him an iPad.

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