Bullying Within Our Culture, Part One

12 Sep


I would guess bullying is a behavior that has been embedded in our human culture for millenniums. That, however, does not make it okay. Both my sons were bigger and stronger than their counterparts through most of their younger years, especially my younger boy. I found myself trying to make sure neither of my sons became the bully. I felt that the propensity for either of them to use their greater physical size to intimidate and harass was always a possibility and I began speaking to them at an early age about my feelings regarding bullying. Although I was not undersized as a child and, in fact, was only a little stronger than most, I still experienced being bullied by older kids when I was 12 years old. It was terrifying. There is almost always some bigger or stronger kid everywhere who will exert their force to dominate in every environment.

I remembered my bullying experience as humiliating and embarrassing. When I found myself involved with college rugby I certainly did not expect to find bulling as a part of the culture. Most rugby players are fairly tough but there are some that are quite sensitive and some of the smaller guys that I knew played the sport in part to compensate for not feeling tough. In any case bullies exist in all areas of life. Hard to believe but rugby was no exception. Because it existed even on the rugby field I knew it would be a part of my kids life at some time or another.



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