The Top 10 Back To School Essentials

5 Sep

 Schedule time to spend with new summer friendships after school session has started.



Research online, as a team, opportunities for after-school activities that your child might be interested in.



Plan a back-to-school afternoon for classmates to re-connect from the previous year.



 Print pictures of summertime activities to share with friends.



Plan a summer memory night with the family, talking about experiences over dinner.



Enjoy a private lunch with your child & discuss how much you enjoyed the summer with them.



Select a weekend after the beginning of school to do something special together.



Give a meaningful gift that your child can use (not wear) that supports their interest in after school activities.



 Have an open discussion about rules and any changes either of you might want/need for this new school year.



 Together, write a list of all new activities and interests your child is excited about for the school year.




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