Perspective In All Relationships

22 Aug

{This post is part of a recurring series of thoughts about perspective with our children}

Establishing perspective is also very helpful, if not critical, in dealing with adult relationships. Learning to appreciate our child’s perspective can help us develop significantly better and deeper relationships with our adult friends. It can keep us from making unfortunate mistakes that may take days or months to fix. It is not easy to be consistently conscientious of how another person feels about an event you are sharing, but it is critically necessary for strong and healthy relationships. At some point early in a relationship, an accurate sense of perspective must become part of the exchange and feedback process in order for the relationship to function effectively. Even if we are not quite getting “the correct perspective,” the mere effort to understand the other person’s perspective does wonders towards creating a quality relationship.

Perspective is an amazing tool upon which to build significant and meaningful relationships. It allows us to see our child’s concerns as well as his or her wishes more clearly. This establishes a critical behavioral process that will be useful as our child enters his or her teenage years and throughout the young adult years as well. At this point, the hard work begins to pay off. We can look forward to the teenage years with a sense of wonder and excitement. The bridge will be much stronger and able to support a lot of weight. Practice understanding all issues from your child’s perspective, because it is a lifelong asset that will serve both parties in every endeavor.

How do you feel about perspective with our children? Do you have a personal experience with your children you would like to share?


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