Concern For Your Child’s Needs

1 Aug

{This post is part of a recurring series of thoughts about perspective with our children}

A more poignant story about “perspective” features a very young girl who was quite attached to her doll. Her family had been riding in the car for several miles when she suddenly realized she had forgotten her doll. She immediately exclaimed her horror to her dad. Without hesitation, he turned the car around and told her not to worry, that he would go back and get the doll. He knew that from his daughter’s perspective, the doll was crucial.

This was the act of a gentle and deeply caring father. He understood the near hysterical emotion from his daughter’s perspective, not his own, and acted upon it from that point of view. It would have been easy to say to her, “Honey, it’s all right, we’ll get another one when we get there.” Instead, this dad seized an opportunity to express care and concern for his child with direct regard to her needs. This type of communication is priceless and necessary—by responding to our children in this manner we build a sense of commitment. What child, or adult, doesn’t need this?

To read more posts in this series, come back to read Age Awareness on August 8th.


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