A Different View

25 Jul

{This post is part of a recurring series of thoughts about perspective with our children}

Perspective is the ability to see an event from more than one point of view. In order to effectively use perspective in the relationships with our children, we have to engage our mind and emotions to search for similar experiences and feelings we too must have had at their age. Once these are in our view, our understanding of a situation can change dramatically, which, in turn, will most likely impact our response. Perspective becomes a valuable tool that works in absolutely any interaction, any time, with anyone, regarding any issue.

A Funny Story About Perspective

When Max was about six years old, he, his brother, and a neighbor were playing at our house. They heard a lot of noise out in the main street a block away. Ian ran to see what it was and came flying back yelling, “Parade! There’s a parade!” The little neighbor friend and Ian ran outside to see the event, leaving Max behind. He typically did not wear many clothes because it was too hot for him in the summers, and at that moment he was only wearing a t-shirt. He quickly ran after the other two and joined in the parade, naked and barefoot except for the t-shirt! When I met them on the street, Ian and the little neighbor friend were running away from Max like he had the plague. I guess he created quite a stir, but from his perspective, he was just going to see what all the excitement was about. I asked him if he realized that he didn’t have his pants on and he said yes, but that he really wanted to see the parade. I was compelled to laugh and let him walk the rest of the half-block home…still pant-less.


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One Response to “A Different View”

  1. thevanbrown July 27, 2012 at 10:03 am #

    Great story! Raised three sons, and at one time or another, they too just wanted to see the parade, and never enslaved by fashion under the circumstances. Cheers for little Max for putting it into perspective!

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