Valuing Service

27 Jun

{This post is part of a recurring series of thoughts about service to our children}

Scott with his sleepy boys Ian and Max.

Serving our kids with genuine enthusiasm builds reserves of goodwill and trust in the relationship. These reserves are crucial during their teenage years, when maintaining a supportive and communicative relationship is a struggle. Discovering what a child truly needs and helping he or she get it requires consciousness, alertness, and commitment by the parent.

I truly believe that most parents start out with this kind of commitment in their hearts. However, this commitment does not necessarily translate into daily practice. The real goal of service is to select the response that best serves our children’s needs, not our own.

Opportunities abound when our children are young. By seizing those opportunities, we not only allow them to enjoy a worry-free childhood, which has immeasurable value, but we also teach them a remarkably valuable concept that will shape their adult lives and their relationships with their own children. What a wonderful cycle!

How do you feel about service to our children? Do you have a personal experience with your children you would like to share?


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