Service Stemming From Compassion

14 Jun

{This post is part of a recurring series of thoughts about service to our children}

One of my favorite personal experiences with the type of service parents need to provide for their children involves our family ski trips. I did everything to ensure that the kids had a good experience, from planning the trip, coordinating with parents, renting skis and other equipment, and finding economical lift tickets. Those ski trips required an enormous amount of work on my part, much of which felt a bit like being a servant.

Our kids need this much attention at times when they simply can’t do it themselves. What 10 year old can put on ski boots and skis his first time? I don’t know many adults who can do it their first time! I felt that it was my job to accommodate my children’s lack of experience when it came to things like this, knowing that in due time the work would fall on their shoulders.

Their time as children is limited, so why not help them have as much fun and joy as possible? In our American culture, it is perfectly acceptable to serve elderly parents and other ailing individuals. Why shouldn’t we extend that same compassionate attitude to our kids?

To read more posts in this series, come back to read Service To Our Children on June 20th.


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