Scott Hanley On Real Parenting

8 Jun

Don’t miss Scott Hanley discussing The Dad Connection on the cfax1070 radio show, Real Parenting, this Saturday, June 9th between 10:00-11:00AM (PT).

Scott Hanley, author of The Dad Connection: A bridge to your children  joins me to discuss ways parents can work to deepen their relationships with their children.

In the early 80′s Scott found himself thrust in the role of single father to his two sons and later a third adoptive son. On his way to work each morning, he began recording his thoughts on a voice recorder about his parenting experiences, daily interactions and issues with his sons. Those many monologues and daily reflections became his inspiration behindThe Dad Connection. The book chronicles his belief that the key elements for any parent are unconditional love and respect, coupled with the willingness to invest whatever time and effort it takes to resolve everyday tensions and grow together.

Tune in or stream live this Saturday, June 9 from 10-11am PT on CFAX 1070.


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