How To Best Serve

7 Jun

A Memory Moment : Scott Hanley with his sons Ian and Max.

{This post is part of a recurring series of thoughts about service to our children}

The type of service I was talking about in my last post, Serving Others VS. Service to Others, is not exactly about helping someone else, although that is part of it. It entails creating an atmosphere or situation in which both parties can genuinely comprehend and absorb the experience between them.

It is about discovering what a person truly needs or is interested in, and then providing tangible and pragmatic resources supported by our energy and our awareness. This understanding is true for relationships with children, siblings, parents, spouses, and friends. However, serving an adult can be a lot easier than serving an infant.

Adults can communicate their needs and often describe exactly how you can serve them, while kids often have difficulty articulating their needs. We might have to do some guesswork, but we can never go wrong by helping them to enjoy the brief and amazing life phase we call childhood. This is the ultimate goal of service to our children.

To read more posts in this series, come back to read The Practice of Service on June 12th.


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