Learning My Own Role in Sports

27 Mar

{This post is part of on an ongoing thought series on children’s involvement in sports, as well as parental influence and contribution.}


As my own boys became involved in many sports, I tried to just pay attention to their more simple, and often considerably naive, enthusiasm without adding my knowledge or understanding of the game unless they asked me. As it turned out they did ask me a lot and it was then that I was able to share in their level of enthusiasm and excitement but I still tried not to take it from them. I always tried to add to it and was careful not to override it with my own set of experiences unless they asked.

I think that as parents, we can and should definitely help them absorb and maintain their own excitement. As they get older and perhaps develop their interests in sports at the levels similar to what you remember of your own participation, then you can share your personal excitement together. If you have none or very little experience with the sport in which they are engaging, then share their energy enthusiastically, but definitely don’t make up your own emotion in order to create excitement. They will know the difference.


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