The Limits to Limiting the Use of Technology

15 Mar

{This post is part of on an ongoing thought series on children and their use of technology.}


Some kids are absorbing information at such a high rate that they begin to seek out other forms of information, perhaps finding themselves under-challenged by the average education experience and, if fortunate, are placed in advanced levels of learning. Some even accelerate beyond this and enter college at young ages and continue advancing past their peers. These amazing children become our brilliant people and contribute directly to the inventions and technological advancements that progressively grow our civilization. This is the way the world moves forward.

One of the direct by-products of this ability to process information at a high rate is the invention of the Internet, which is now (ironically) at the seat of considerable social confusion and unrest. The Internet is also indirectly responsible for the single greatest growth of knowledge expansion in the history of this planet and there seems to be no end in sight. Our kids will either be on top of this crescendo wave or at the bottom (and everywhere in between).

Will restricting our children from some of this information help or hinder their ultimate position as these ever increasing waves crash upon the shores of our individual and cumulative societies?

Are there any reader comments? I would really like to hear from you on this issue.


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