The Balance Between Protection and Management

13 Mar

{This post is part of on an ongoing thought series on children and their use of technology.


It is our paramount job to protect our children. It is also our job to teach them how to manage life. In some ways, fife today is very different for them because of the Internet and its ability to reach deep into lives of everyone. This is certainly very different than it was for us, and even possibly than it was for their older siblings just few short years ago. This is a fact. How, then, should we deal with it?

I believe, of course, that a strong bond between parent and child is critical in most all aspects of parenting but nowadays it may be even more critical.This isn’t rocket science. There may never be a clear understanding of the direct and/or subtle consequences of our children being exposed to unlimited information and the stronger emotional energies that go along with some of the content. So we are left to our own judgement and that of other parents.

I do believe that our children are built to process information just as we were, as our parents were, as their parents were, and on and on. Our little brains are absorbing as much as they can just a few minutes after we leave the womb. This genetic drive progresses geometrically until our brains begin to reach a natural absorption capacity.

Still, how does one deal with the increasing amount and access to information? More importantly, how do we manage our children’s access and simultaneously protect them?


One Response to “The Balance Between Protection and Management”

  1. Jeremy Gradney March 14, 2012 at 3:31 am #

    It seems like kids these days find themselves bombarded with information and media. I often think about how to navigate my kids through their technological future.

    Thanks for the post.

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