Children and Technology: How much is too much?

8 Mar

{This post is part of on an ongoing thought series on children and their use of technology.}


A good friend of mine has decided to minimize TV, cell phone, computer and Internet access to his 10 year old son. His wife is in agreement with the decision. He has done significant research and both parents work in professional environments. I respect his decision but for the life of me I can not ascertain in my own mind if it is a good one. 

Can our children really be competitive in tomorrow’s world if they aren’t enveloped in the technological and communication advances that are happening which by nature includes all information?

Children & Technology

Image via Local HS

This is a highly charged issue. Only a decade ago parents were challenged with the uncertainty of risk of allowing our children to watch R movies and participate in violent video games. This social issue is not completely resolved even now but it is notable (if not a bit depressing) that the more financially successful of these ventures are indeed the products that have more inherent violence and “shock” qualities. Current TV, YouTube, Twitter, and texting (in many cases, sexting) are available to our children unchecked with the exception of those few parents that are ‘policing‘ the global event from home. I tell you, I am on the fence!

Tell me what you think: How much technology is too much for children? I’d love to hear your opinions.


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