Protecting and Encouraging Your Children to Grow

28 Feb

For generations our primary job as parents has been to safeguard and help our children develop into adults. This invariably creates a unique closeness. Now and in the near future, we will have to create closeness to our children by building bridges to them through the maze and confusion of all this information they are receiving in addition to the old patterns we inherited from our parents. The positive aspect of this mass of information is that they will naturally work to organize all this information in ways that serve them. That is a good thing. They will have a slight advantage over us in this arena.

In addition to protecting and growing our kids, our job today is to connect to our kids. We will have to work directly past and through the increasingly great information noise and build an emotional contact point that supersedes the information addiction. This is different than parenting has ever been.

To do this we have to feel and then transmit it directly. Feeling always trumps information… especially with kids. Information is going to create change, it always has. But information should not push emotion, caring emotion in particular, out of the relationship. We parents will need to develop skills that will allow us to connect emotionally to our children and cut through the layers of information that envelope our kids. We cannot reasonably restrict information… the horse is out of the barn. But we can add more care, more kindness, and more genuine feeling to the many daily interaction opportunities.

This will take more work,  more awareness and more time than we had to provide  as parents 30 years ago.


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