The Importance of Connection in a Time of Mass Information

23 Feb

Let’s face it. Our kids have limitless information at their fingertips.

We, as parents, have to accept this inevitability and find a way to manage it.  For unlike yesterday’s information that may have forever changed the way we function, today’s relentless flow of information is effecting the very nature of relationships and we have to recognize it as such.

Is it a problem? No, I personally don’t believe it is. I do think, however, that it is having an enormous impact on our kids and therefore on our connections to them. In my recently published book, I talk about building a bridge to our children. Now more than ever this bridge is critical. By the time our two year old child is twelve years old (10 years from now) they may very likely ‘know’ as much or more about how the world works than we do. That is hard to believe but actually quite probable. Of course they will still lack life experience, which is how humans ultimately use information- to act as a building block to supporting and growing important relationships.


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