How Information Changes the Parenting Game

21 Feb

I think that information is the game changer.

Parents today versus parents a generation, two generations, even hundreds of years ago all have different levels of access to information.

Four hundred years ago Isaac Newton informed the world of the existence and preeminence of the natural laws of physics effecting practically every phase of our functional lives. That information changed everything. Two hundred years later Darwin drew us a map of our existence that created a seismic shift in fundamental understanding. While it is still with us today, it is challenged by many and is the defining principal driving all biological, behavioral, and social change… and for that matter most of science in the last 200 years.

These were game-changing chunks of significant information. Every step of the way in our development as a civilization and as individual societies, we have resisted, succumbed and then changed because of the incessant driving forces of information. However no information has ever been like the information we have today.

This, I believe, is the difference. Today’s kids have hundreds of times the information at their disposal and access to it within moments. This is significantly different than what our parents had and way different by tens of times the information that we had only two decades ago. Although much of this information may or may not be relevant of specifically applicable, the sheer volume and diversity of this information does make a difference…a meaningful difference.


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