The Pace of Parenting Today

14 Feb

I’ve often been asked about parenting today versus parenting 30 years ago when I had my boys. I believe that there is a difference… a definitive difference at that.

I think most parents might agree that the speed of life is different. When my boys were in their early years (6-12) life seemed to be moving too fast for me. Everything had to be done immediately; at least my boys thought so and didn’t hesitate to point it out!  I’m not sure but it is quite possible that even when we were kids we may have tried to push our parents to go faster as well. It seems that this progression is indeed a part of life that has been here for a while and is here to stay; The next generation will be going even faster. So what is the real definitive difference?

What do you think, dear readers? I know some of you are just starting out as parents, and some of you find this old hat (like myself!). I’d love to share some of your responses when I post about this continuing topic on Thursday.


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