Postpartum and Dads

8 Feb

{The following blog is part of an ongoing series of thoughts regarding my personal experience with Postpartum Depression.}


I don’t equate my experience of learning how to be a dad to the experience of childbirth for a woman nor do I by any means intend to diminish the overwhelming effect and emotional impact child birth has on moms by focusing on fathers; I mean only that I and other fathers can possibly identify a bit.

I truly believe that dads and husbands need to recognize that the birth process is extraordinary on every level, the least of which is the consuming emotional component and deep effect on the mom- most often a permanent change. The “permanent” aspect is seldom accepted by either party. We, as supportive husbands and partners can and should acknowledge the significance of this powerful change and take the initiative to “build” a different and more sensitive connection to our partners… after all we are now engaged in a shared lifelong endeavor to raise a child and most likely something there is different.

Along with being a dad to our children and building relationships with them, we must also support and “re-build” our relationship to our partner. As a new mom’s emotional chemistry becomes impacted by the incredible power of the birthing experience, we can and should build the relationship much in the same way we carefully, consciously, and sensitively build a relationship to our new child. Why shouldn’t we provide them the same level of care and support?

It is the other significant part of our job.


{This post will conclude the series of thoughts regarding my personal experience with Postpartum Depression. If you have a related thought, story, or experience, I am always open to discussion.}


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