Thought Topic: Postpartum Depression

19 Jan

{The following blog is part of an ongoing series of thoughts regarding my personal experience with Postpartum Depression.}


Postpartum Depression has a very real presence in the lives of mothers, as well as their families. While it is not something that affected me directly, I certainly have had my own experiences with the condition. Each instance, both in the past and more recently, has evoked an internal conversation.

Yesterday I spoke with two mothers who were struggling with depression. Both women are young and experiencing their first child. One child is less than a year old and the other is nearly two. It would be simple to call their respective experiences Postpartum Depression and suggest they just wait it out, that it eventually goes away as quietly as it arrives.

However, this high dose of interaction in one day from these two strong and independent women gave me Scott and Ianpause to think.  In particular, it enabled me to think of the experience of these women in the light of the book I recently published. The book talks about my experiences raising my two young boys and the understandings and emotions I developed during the first 10 years of their lives… the first year of which was the most intense.

Considering that it is now believed that husbands/fathers suffer through this experience as well – though not as directly nor as aggressively – my thoughts on this experience and that of these two mothers has changed.


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