An Australian Exchange Pt. II

11 Jan

There have not been too many kids where we are now, but I have been looking to continue my observations. Recently, though, I experienced a similar incident.

I saw another mom tell her two daughters who were arguing over a beach towel that they could cut it in half and each have a piece. They looked at each other and decided that that wouldn’t be good for either of them so they designed a plan to share the use. Now that was pretty cool.

My impression is that the people here aren’t as fixated on solving all the little issues for our kids as us parents in America often seem so determined to do. Obviously, I have only experienced a limited part of the culture in this large, independent country, but to me it has been an apparently general difference. It’s quite refreshing, actually.

Those who have read some of my book will know that I endorse a more relaxed approach to raising kids. It’s not about not having rules or being loose, it’s about letting our kids learn how to resolve the little issues. This keeps parents from being overprotective watch dogs and allows kids to experiment in life with relative safety. The mom I mentioned may have ruined a perfectly good beach towel by suggesting the girls cut it in half but she thought the lesson might be worth the risk. So do I.


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