An Australian Exchange

4 Jan

Robin and I have been vacationing in Australia for the last week or so. From our experience, it is a beautiful country with incredibly nice people. Since my newly published book was released on Amazon, I have been looking more carefully at the dynamic personal exchanges between people here to see whether it differs significantly from those in the US.

I guess it’s a bit like buying your first Prius and then noticing the dozens you didn’t see before. Now I am looking at relationships and their dynamics to see how they differ from mine or those that I have experienced or witnessed at home in the states. My expectation was that there would not be much difference. However, I’ve found that there is a small, but prevalent, disparity.

Here it seems as though the parents are a bit more relaxed and don’t “micro manage” their kids. We went into a few Aussie homes and although they seem to represent very similar interests and core values as most people in the US, they treat their kids with a bit more detachment. For instance one kid was playing too close to some sharp rocks and the dad simply mentioned to the 8 year old boy that he might get hurt and then turned away, returning to his conversation with me. I saw the little boy pick up one of the rocks more carefully this time, study it and then set it back down. He then got up and began playing with his sister.

I was both surprised and inspired by this interaction and the visit has been an interesting learning experience thus far. However, we are now off to a day of snorkeling so we’ll continue this next week!


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