The Dad Connection: Building a Bridge.

15 Nov

In preparation for the publishing of my book in the upcoming month, I will be posting weekly short excerpts. I hope you enjoy this sneak peek- and if you’re interested in pre-ordering, sign up to receive our emails at the top of this page, right side. Many thanks to all you great supporters out there.

I have been building things for nearly as long as I can remember. It’s how I make a living. I was building corn cribs on farms in northern Indiana when I was thirteen, pouring foundations for houses during high school, and eventually constructing larger and more complicated structures as a general residential contactor in Boston.

Everything I built required a foundation and some type of support. From an engineering perspective, the only significant difference between a corn crib and a 10,000 square foot luxury house (besides the expense!) is the size and shape of the foundation required and the specific placement of the supports or structure.

Building a relationship with my boys was no different. It required a foundation and support—it was just a question of how much and where.

I believe the primary component of a successful bridge to our children is respect. In its simplest form the effort to develop and maintain respect becomes an actual mindset and the foundation of the relationship.

All of our efforts need to start from a position of fundamental respect for our children and grow from that point.


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