An Interesting Article…

4 Oct

This article from the New York Times is quite interesting to me. I recently wrote a blog about how more and more fathers seem to be readily willing to express their feminine side with regard to their responsibilities as a father in nurturing their children.

Men are becoming more nurturing and more supportive within the family structure. We are becoming less “male” and more “female”, so to speak. Maybe it is not just philosophical. This scientific article presents pretty strong evidence that, indeed, men who choose to father their children do so with some critical biological and metabolic chemistry changes that essentially reinforce the evolutionary advantage.

The article states, “Male parental care is important. It’s important enough that it’s actually shaped the physiology of men”, says the author. He goes on, “A dad with lower testosterone is maybe a little more sensitive to cues from his child”…

My comment a few months ago expressed that today’s modern father is more attentive, more caring and more responsive. According to this article some of the support for this is evolutionary and biological.


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