Meeting someone new.

29 Sep

For the most part those persons who have advanced in development with regard to this part of their awareness have not only created a significantly better chance of their own survival, but they likely have enhanced their ability to succeed in this world.

When we enter a new relationship with someone there are typically bunches of energy frequencies expressing in all directions…most are important but a few are not relevant.

The better we can ascertain these energy frequencies and their emotional identities, the better we can determine how valuable this experience may be for us.

This is not easy to do and many, many mistakes are innocently made that immediately skew our perception; most of which is based on our inability to ‘feel’ these energies and identify the frequencies accurately. Because our own energy is being projected into the space as well, more confusion is added.

Let’s go back to my first suggestion of trying to have the intent to ‘connect’ rather than the intent to ‘get.’

This can change our projected energy frequency to a softer and more receptive place in side of us. This will help us determine the true and accurate emotion in the event which will undoubtedly help us navigate to a better and more meaningful relationship, which eventually, will ‘get’ us something!


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