20 Sep

All too often we are eager to ‘get’ something from new opportunities because that is one of the primary reasons that we make as effort to engage in the first place.

However if we take a moment just before entering the new field and quietly articulate an intention inside of us to ‘connect,’ our own energy (which will often and quite naturally want to compete with the existing energy) will soften its projection. This will sharpen our ability to understand the event better and enhance our capacity to learn and grow from the experience.

It is really a simple exercise but it requires sincere intent. This intent has to be genuine.

We can’t fake it or act it because this type of relationship energy has specific frequency patterns associated with it and it cannot be disguised. For instance, the energy of contempt has a specific frequency and the energy of care has a distinct frequency that our system can recognize from anger; which we all can readily feel.


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