Energy, trust and caring.

13 Sep

Energy is good…in fact it is great. We should never fault anybody for having too much. There is always a place, however, in which ‘dialing it down’ a bit can provide for some other aspects such as tenderness.

Being aware of your own projections is a nice way to help construct the more meaningful connections with in that relationship- just by toning down the intimidation factor!

There can still be the same strength, confidence, and capacity to your energy….but adding intent of tenderness allows for the person to whom you are trying to connect to relax a little and trust.

Trust is critical, especially with men’s emotions. A strong connection requires trust even if either of both of the parties are not so strong. To build trust into a relationship, there has to be some sense of care and regard. This can be most easily transmitted by expressing your thought and actions with tenderness.

What can it hurt?


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