Projecting confidence without intimidation.

6 Sep

I recently counciled a young woman I know to carefully consider the energy she projects when entering a relationship. Here’s why:

How our energy is initially projected is critical at the beginning of any relationship because our semi-conscious and unconscious parts of our system can read this projection and we quickly form a position (often a defensive positon).

We have an intuitive sense of whether we like this person, love this person, or anywhere in between.

Now, we are certainly not always correct in this rush of judgment but it is there and indeed affected by the initial energy that is projected. This young lady in particular has a very strong initial projection- and rightfully so with her personal confidence and security.

This is a bit hard for most men (no all) and their initial reaction is to ‘not expose’ themselves too much emotionally. We men get hammered for this attitude all the time but it is true…we do consciously try not to expose too much for fear of critical response.


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