Portland “Friendly” vs. Big City “Intimidating”

30 Aug

I was in a conversation the other day with a young girl who had just moved to the area to finish her dental education with a residency. One of her reasons in moving across the country was to experience more meaningful relationships and she believed the smaller more friendly atmosphere of Portland would provide that.

She is accomplished, educated, and quite sure of here self. She has spent the last eight years in Chicago and Boston attending school.

These cities are busy, dense and function in a constant state of tension…it is the nature of these tight complex cities. It takes a lot of work just to function- which creates tension. Not that this is necessarily bad…it is just difficult.

We got around to discussing the core aspects of relationships and I asked her if she had discovered anything about that in the last few months since she left Boston.

She said she wondered if she was too intimidating. I pushed for a bit more clarification and she told me that she was referring to closer relationships, in particular, boy relationships. She asked me if I thought she was intimidating.

I have known this girl since high school and had my opinion so I told her that, yes, I believed she was.

How did that work out? You’ll have to read on Thursday to find out!


One Response to “Portland “Friendly” vs. Big City “Intimidating””


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