Commenting on Steve Jobs at Standford in 2005

25 Aug

Steve Jobs began in partnership with Steve Wozniak in an era (1970’s) when most conventional obstacles could be dissolved by sheer enthusiasm and spirit.

Together they built substantive and fabulous individual lives. Taking a lesson from this, our kids need to find and accept ‘partners’ in their lives that bring each of their formidable capacities to life. I don’t think the ‘village’ or ‘community ‘ opportunity is as available to them as it was to us in the 60’s and 70’s but finding a partner that can add complimentary and similar vision can be a huge advantage.

Maybe his talk will inspire higher education to take a good look at how they perceive education and the direct responsibility deans and presidents have in that endeavor.


Bill Gates was a dropout as were many, many other mega successful people. But the answer is not dropping out. The answer is educating everybody….everybody.

Provide people with the opportunity to learn what they want, not someone else’s perceived need, and then let them apply it. It sounds a bit naïve but a change has to happen. This planet cannot continue to put a high value on higher education (nearing a quarter of a million dollars for four years) and not provide enough opportunity once completed.

Maybe Steve got lucky…maybe Bill Gates was lucky. Higher education was not a big part of their success yet we put an extraordinary high value on it in our global culture.


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