Expectation in Commitment

9 Aug

This is an ongoing series of thoughts on anticipation, expectation and my upcoming book. Thank you for reading- check in again Thursday for another edition!

After five years of marriage our expectation will invariably change. If we don’t talk about them when they change, one or both parties will be mislead. If it continues, a break in the relationship will likely occur and then have to be repaired. If the break is too large the marriage will end.

Discussing the changes of our mutual expectations with a true commitment similar to when the vows were exchanged could easily shift the marriage into an even greater depth.

After a period of time, our deep friendships will invariably experience expectation changes due to life changes of one or both parties. One of the two may get married, have children, or have to move out of the country. Personal processes behavior may change along with them. This will compel a change in some or all of our expectations. Opening an honest dialogue articulating the need and desire to adjust expectations may allow the relationship to grow and deepen even further.


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