Frustration and Expectation

2 Aug

This is an ongoing series of thoughts on anticipation, expectation and my upcoming book. Thank you for reading- check in again Thursday for another edition!

Expectations of a more serious exchange, in particular the emotional side of things, can create deep resentment and unrest. They can also result in an out of reason over balanced enthusiasm (and anywhere in between). The range is enormous.

Projected expectations do affect the core of relationships and can turn it positive or negative in one experience. We have all experienced a close relationship in which the other party falls way short of expectation. Often in emotional experiences the expectations are simply misplaced from the start. Expecting too much is a formula for failure. Expecting too little stunts growth.

If we expect nothing then we probably are not emotionally invested anyway and the relationship isn’t very meaningful. Somewhere in the middle is the answer. How do we get there?

We talk. We talk about our expectations (if we have any) and remain talking especially as our expectations morph-  as the most certainly will do.


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