26 Jul

Some expectation is really just experiential or learned understanding of a particular consequence from a specific experience. Some expectation is not known.

For instance, we can certainly expect to get wet if we dive into a lake, but we perhaps we do not expect to hit our head on a rock. We can easily expect to be cold if we run out into a snow storm but may not expect to contract pneumonia.

There are simple known and logical consequences to many of our actions. When we are working with limited knowledge, however, our expectations can often be exceeded…like entering a contest and becoming the winner. Picking the right lottery number. Studying for a test and scoring higher than we expect.

Most of us can handle exceeding our expectations when it regards things or events.

And although it is considerably more difficult, we also learn to manage ‘under’ exceeding (perhaps not as gracefully however….)

This post is part of an ongoing series on expectations, anticipation and consequence. Check out the first installment here, and stay tuned for more throughout the month!


2 Responses to “Expectation”


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