Expectation, Anticipation and Unknown Consequence

21 Jul

I’ve written a series on the title topic…now, I can’t imagine why! I’ll post snippits on this subject for the next couple of weeks, with a few book excerpts thrown in here and there for good measure. Enjoy!

How many of us go into a situation without any expectation?

I would imagine not many of us. We begin building expectation the minute we consider an experience…it’s completely natural and appropriate. We are also setting ourselves up for success, failure, or somewhere in between. This reactive feedback loop can be detrimental and possibly disastrous if we become too attached to the expectation.

We can’t function without expectation but we can (to one extent or another) emotionally separate from the result.

It’s possible (and often optimistically projected) to expect that something big from our impending experiences may be life changing…that we can experience something which is way beyond our expectation; in which case we are genuinely surprised.

And just as easily, we can not meet expectation which also may surprise us with the same force- only in the other direction. What is the real value and opportunity of expectation then?


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