Proof is in the Pudding.

19 Jul

I just received a “proof” copy of my book!

It looks good. My reaction is sort of muted, which I didn’t expect. It’s pretty cool to have a book in my hands that I wrote and it certainly feels great but I’m not sure exactly where I am with regard to my emotional reaction.

Perhaps I am feeling a bit apprehensive. What if it doesn’t sell? What if it’s not well written?  What if nobody cares???

Not that I am insecure…

These thoughts are definitely muting my excitement level. Not only has the work of writing the book been a long and arduous process, the philosophical content is mine and now must stand up to critical review. Although I believe in my words and tried very hard to organize them into a readable form, deep down I want the reader to like what I am saying.

My deepest wish is that every reader gets something out of it that they can use within their own families and relationships. Relationships are hard….very hard.  I fully realize that that is not realistic but never the less it is one of the main things I think about now that the book is about to be released.

I am looking forward to talking to groups and all those young parents out there and sharing the thought process and experiences that catalyzed my writing.  It is extremely pleasurable for me to discuss the book because it allows me to remember the instances and myriad of experiences that I went through and it transports me back to some of the original emotions I had as a dad which were a large part of my growth as a person. It is affirming and having the book completed is really gratifying.

Now….releasing it to the public for critiquing is my next experience.


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