Pampering Guests

30 Jun

We start our ‘visitor’ calendar about May of each year. We throw a few dinner parties to get reconnected with our neighbors and friends, since we are all coming out of hibernation it seems! We then discuss our upcoming summer schedules and determine where we can intersect.

There are a lot of kids and family events that we exchange and generally some important events we prioritize such as graduations and momentous birthdays.

Robin and I believe that in order to have meaningful relationships we have to make an effort. This may seem like we are over the top, but in our experience it is very difficult to ascertain just how much effort may be enough to help build deeper relationships…we typically throw the kitchen sink at them.

Our good friends reel us in if we get too far out there, but truly our first objective is to work to create a fulfilling experience for them as well as us. We most certainly enjoy creating a pleasant experience for someone else and we are also enjoying it.


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