Waiting in Anticipation

23 Jun

For me, once I discovered the phenomenal richness and nourishment in the daily exchange with my two little boys, I didn’t feel the heavy sense of a 24/7 mentality….it seemed like it was just a part of a normal life process.

However in reality that ‘normal’ process changed my life. It built emotional pathways deep into my inner self and provided countless opportunities to re-evaluate priorities and personal interests. It lead me to some profound understandings that serve me today in all of my current relationships and with my adult children.

I am deeply grateful that in my interest to deal with the short term unpleasantness of sitting in Boston traffic by talking to a tape recorder, I inadvertently created a life teaching tool for me.

Each time I rewrote a section of the book I went a little deeper into my understandings and in most cases came up with a clearer sense of who I was and how I was wired as a person. Not all of this revealing was positive and in many instances I had to address my shortcomings and lack of depth.

But the drive to convert those initial ramblings of a student Dad into a coherent learning experience was reinforced all along the way and I ended up with a book.

A true book.


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