Finally comes to Fruition

21 Jun

Last week, I discussed the path I took from busy father, amateur writer to finally aspiring published author.

Ten years later (and multiple re-writes….) my book is being published! It is the synthesis of hundreds of hours of adult interaction, dozens and dozens of Dad/son events, and endless discussions with my boys and their friends.

Along the way I tried to keep in touch with the simple emotions that distinguished each new learning experience and represent them with as much genuine understanding as I could recall. In the end the book became significantly shorter (thank goodness!) and definitely more readable. I hope it is relevant for any prospective reader and gives them a sense of their own capacity to be a great parent.

Being a parent is a life long endeavor and although I found it to be enormously fulfilling, I do not diminish the amount of difficulty, sacrifice, and energy it takes to do it well.

In hindsight I realize now that the most surprising aspect of it all is the degree to which this endeavor of being a parent becomes almost immediately a 24/7 process the moment we sign on to accept the responsibility. This doesn’t, however have to feel like a life sentence or a heavy undertaking.


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