Father’s Day Reflections

20 Jun

People have asked me, on the occasion of Father’s Day, my thoughts and ways to celebrate.

Actually, I think officially combining mother’s day and fathers day is worth considering. Nowadays the father of the family is taking on more and more responsibility; though not to diminish the unique role of a mother, in particular with regard to the very early years.

Today you see almost as many fathers at Wednesday afternoon soccer practice as mothers.

This is a trend that appears to be shifting into a permanent pattern.  Moms have occupied their rightful seat at the top of the ‘care’ mountain for as long as most of us can remember, but perhaps it is time to set a little stool adjacent to her for the father.

We are involved and we are getting it. We men are trying to connect and build nourishing relationships with our children…and  mothers are embracing it. We are sharing many more daily routine tasks with greater equanimity.

Love, kindness and tolerance are qualities that are part of who we are too, and now we are getting the opportunity to exercise those aspects of our personalities with our children. We are learning how to enjoy the  experience.

I realize Hallmark benefits substantially by creating and promoting as many separate holidays and events to celebrate as possible, but why not merge mother’s day and fathers day into a single celebration of parenting?  We can celebrate each person’s individual qualities on each person’s birthdays.

Good parenting is a lot of work and celebrating the union of mom and dad is just as important and perhaps even more so considering all the blended families these days. Getting together on one day every year to honor the work of both parents enhances the connection and cooperation of both the mother and father. Kids can benefit from this experience enormously and learn the value of partnership and collaboration….and they would have to give up only one Sunday each spring!

So, with that, I’d like to wish every Father and Mother out there a (slightly late!) Happy Mom/Dad Day.


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