The Path to Publishing

17 Jun

After the dedicated work of close friends and their encouragement to pursue publishing, I had a big decision to make!

I had some deluded idea of the amount of time it might take to actually make a readable book out of the two hundred and some pages and the considerable unlikelihood of creating a successful manuscript that a publisher might embrace. I decided to take a run at it anyway because I found myself enjoying the experience of recapturing the dozens of personal and meaningful times I had as a dad.

Before attempting to rewrite the mess I enrolled in a beginning writing class. I enjoyed it so much that I enrolled in the succeeding more advanced class. I found both classes very difficult because as I quickly and painfully discovered I was not a natural writer.

The peer feedback and criticism, although humbling and disheartening, was invaluable and critical with regard to my development as a writer. I did however learn, that I could write much better if I choose a subject in which I had some genuine emotional investment.

My instructor began asking me to write in more of a memoir style and try to capture my perspective about my own childhood and experiences when I was young. I began to realize that my perspective and thoughts that I had when I was young were significantly different than my current thoughts.

Duh! But that my core understanding of the more meaningful aspects of my life were relatively unchanged…. now I was learning to articulate them. This felt good and was a small confidence builder. So I unceremoniously (and naively) began the long journey of rewriting my ridiculously overly verbose ‘book’.


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