Sorting Through the Clutter

16 Jun

After rediscovering my tapes and finding the value in revisiting their content, I had hit a serious wall. Lucky for me, I have amazing relationships with incredibly kind people.

As a birthday present for me a very dear friend offered to transcribe the entire series for me. This turned out to be a herculean effort as ultimately there was over 450 pages of single spaced, double sided pages!

I didn’t even realize I could talk that much!

In any case I began reading the transcriptions and started to delete all the repetitive subjects and disjointed sentences while trying to highlight pertinent and more significant understandings that I was semi consciously trying to articulate about at the time. I was basically able to cut the ‘book’ in half.

At this point I wasn’t thinking of creating a book but I still wanted to leave a more understandable description of my experiences as a single dad for my boys later in their life. To me the initial audio recordings were not going to get far and would have probably left them more dazed and confused that enlightened. Not exactly my intent.

Another friend, who was an editor of text books by trade, offered to read it and give me a periphery three minute analysis of its readability and likelihood of being understood. Surprisingly she said it had some good stuff in it and I should consider making a book out of it for other parents.

Decision time!


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